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Businesses today are having a more difficult time attracting, engaging and hiring top talent than ever before. And, with the current skills gap, a growing contingency workforce and shrinking unemployment, it’s only expected to get more difficult out there for recruiters. Of course, this makes recruitment marketing analytics more important than ever before. This guide is your go-to resource for recruitment marketing analytics fundamentals, how-tos and much more. Download your FREE copy today.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why measuring the performance of all recruitment strategies is critical
  • Which recruitment marketing KPIs are most important and needed for success
  • How to calculate and incorporate these KPIs into your current strategies
  • Common talent acquisition questions that data can help you answer

EXCLUSIVE BONUS--Download now and you’ll also get:

  • An interactive assessment to help you evaluate your current level of success with recruitment marketing analytics
  • A cheat sheet of formulas to help you quickly and easily calculate the recruitment marketing analytics you need

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